How to make sure you get reasonable accommodation from disability services

The college has designated Disability Services as the agency to provide reasonable accommodations and special services to students with disabilities. The college complies with applicable federal laws, the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and state and local regulations that provide for bonds Discrimination against qualified persons with disabilities. The college may make reasonable accommodations provided that the services are not in violation of the rights of the handicapped.

How to make sure you get reasonable accommodation from disability services

The definition of a qualified individual with a disability is someone who has an impairment that significantly limits one or more of life’s traditional abilities. These life-altering conditions should prevent the person from living a normal lifestyle. A qualified individual must also require additional assistance in order to perform everyday tasks, such as driving a motor vehicle, preparing food, or helping others. The applicant must be able to perform these tasks in a modified, compensatory manner that allows them to do so without additional assistance.

How to make sure you get reasonable accommodation from disability services

The college makes every effort to provide reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities. What are considered reasonable accommodations will be determined by the requirements for disability services. The applicant must provide detailed descriptions of his/her medical condition, current status, and expected future developments. Each individual will require a different set of services. The college also has procedures to assess the need and provide accurate information about disability accommodations.

Reasonable accommodations can include modifications to meals, housekeeping, transportation and equipment. In order to assess the need for such accommodations, the college may meet with disabled people individually to discuss their lives. If the college does not have sufficient information to determine the need for particular services through interviews and meetings, they will ask applicants for more information and consider them eligible for reasonable accommodation. Once the college has determined which accommodations can be provided, applicants will need an initial evaluation to determine if it is reasonable.

The evaluation process has several steps, which are explained in greater detail below. First, a detailed description of the applicant’s disability and its effect on his/her daily life is needed. This information will help determine the services required to complete the job. If the needs are supported by the applicant, an initial accommodation will be recommended.

The next step is to determine whether the accommodation that was recommended can be provided. This evaluation is usually done by a qualified person usually a member from the school's Disability Services. Based on the assessment, a decision about what accommodation is reasonable will be made. This is referred to as a 'determination.' Once the determination has been made, a request to accommodate will be submitted by the service provider. The person providing the service will then consider it and make a decision based upon the law-specific requirements.

An accommodation that can be granted will depend on the needs and support of the applicant. A person who requires equipment for personal, vocational or professional purposes will likely require the same equipment as one who needs it for professional use. An individual who requires 24-hour assistance in order to carry out his/her daily activities will likely need a fully equipped accommodation. A residential accommodation that is staffed 24/7 will be required for someone who needs care at home. The type of accommodation needed for each case will differ, so it will be customized to meet the needs of the applicant. Each case will define the disability level that each accommodation covers.

As previously stated, the first step in getting an accommodation is for you to inform the Disability Services provider of your disability, so that they can start assessing your need. In doing so, you will ensure that a reasonable and appropriate accommodation is made available. You can rest assured that this is the right way to get what you deserve.